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About Us

About Us

Somerset, Indiana, is located in south-central Wabash County in Waltz township.  Conveniently located near several state recreation areas and boat ramps of the Mississinewa Reservoir, Somerset is located on the bluff of the reservoir and offers panoramic views.  In the early to mid-60s, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers helped the town relocate to its current location.  The Mississinewa Dam was built to ease flooding downstream where the Mississinewa and Wabash Rivers met.  The location ‘Old Somerset’ is now in the flooded basin of the reservoir. Many residents in town remember old Somerset, and if you ask around this friendly little town, you will likely meet someone who lived there or may live in a house moved from the old town. 


Today the town of Somerset is home to local businesses, churches and families.  The friendly atmosphere is supported by the Somerset Relocation Development Corporation (SRDC) which oversees the maintenance of the town.  See a list of current projects.  The Somerset Community Building is a popular venue for family reunions, club meetings and birthday parties. 


Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal under the pavilion which offers 4 picnic tables and is connected to a fenced in park.  Let the kids climb, swing, bounce, and spin on the variety of playground equipment.  Children of any ages can enjoy the park amenities.  Bring a board game and make an afternoon of making new memories.  Take a walk to a second park located on Elm Street.  This park includes a slide, swing, tether ball, tennis court, and a basketball court.  Remember to bring your basketball or tennis gear!

Meet Our Communty

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Follow along as we share pictures from our past, share community highlights, and hear from our community.

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Meet Our Community



Converse Volunteer Fire Station

Operated by Waltz Township Fire Fighters and staffed by volunteers. Lowell Shelton is the local contact and in charge of recruiting volunteer firefighters.

Izzak Walton League

Since we were formed in 1951, the Wabash Chapter of the Izaak Walton League has long stood for the protection and stewardship of our natural resources. We strive to make our members-only chapter grounds – with healthy forestland and a fish-able lake – a premier conservation-based outdoor recreation site for everyone in our community.  Through our many planned activities, we are focused on connecting more
youth to the outdoors and conservation. We are a place for friends and families to come together and reconnect. We also are invested in giving back to our community through our efforts to “clean and green” our environment through activities such as river and roadside litter clean-ups.  With your membership, you can join other like-minded conservationists for chapter-sponsored programs and activities that the entire family can enjoy.

Contact any member for an application or come to the membership meeting third Monday of the month, at 7:30, to join up.

10439 S Old SR 13, LaFontaine, IN 


Jones Contracting

We are dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your home or business in and around Wabash County. You can count on us to provide you with a system and solution that fits your unique needs. Since we’ve installed many HVAC systems in this area, we’ve earned the reputation for doing the job right the first time. We are located at 3 Main St.,  Somerset, IN. We are open 8 AM to 5 PM M-F. We can be reached by phone at 765-981-2164 or via our website:

McCoart’s Auto Inc.

Specializing in Classic Mustang Restoration at McCoart’s Auto, we offer a full-line auto service center. We have a Master A.S.E. certified technician on duty 24/7 for all your needs. We are located at 4 Shopping Center Rd., Somerset, IN. We are open 8 AM to 5 PM M-F. You can reach us by phone at 765-981-4342 or by email at

Norris Insurance Company

We are committed to providing quality insurance products for individuals and businesses. In our 14 locations we combine strong insurance backgrounds and product knowledge to assist both current and future clients in managing and planning for all types of potential risk. We are located at 1 Main St., Somerset, IN. We are open from 9 AM - 5 PM M-F and on Saturdays by appointment. We can be reached by phone at 765-981-4944.

Somerset Lions Club

Lions serve. It’s that simple, and it has been since we first began in 1917. Our clubs are places where individuals join together to give their valuable time and effort to improving their communities and the world.​

Somerset Village Apartments

Welcome to country living without all the work. Let us take care of the maintenance, while you enjoy the peaceful enjoyment that only country living can offer. Get back to nature and enjoy the wildlife. At Somerset Village, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to that slower-paced, country
lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.​

150 Whites Drive, Somerset, IN 46984
(765) 981-4663
(765) 472-7996 (fax)
(800) 743-3333 (TDD)


Somerset Church of Christ

153 W Old Slocum Trail, Somerset, IN 46984


Woodland United Methodist Church

150 N 2nd St., Somerset, IN 46984



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